The CoreWalking Program:
Walk Your Walk Out Of Chronic Pain

Hi, it's Jonathan and this is the story of how I found relief from pain, after surgeries, repeated rounds of physical therapy and countless doctor's appointments, by making a "single" change in my daily routine.

Even though nothing else had worked.

Unknown to me, I was born hyper mobile, which means my joints are pretty darned loose, and too free to move.

In my mid-thirties I started doing yoga and because of those loose joints, I was pretty good at it.

But after a couple of years my knees broke down and I suffered a series of injuries that led to a number of surgeries.

Determined to recover and live an active life (and I will admit to having moments of doubt about that possibility)...

 ...I went back to square one and learned how to walk and stand in a way that the body is designed.

I went on a search and eventually discovered the foundation of all my problems...

The Way I Walked Was Hurting Me

That’s right, I had to learn how to walk and stand properly --- in the way that my body was designed.

And what a revelation this was!

It isn't all that hard to make changes to the way you walk and experience less pain, greater mobility, and better energy.

Walking is the best way to bring permanent change to the body…

...because we all do it, and we do it over and over again (Even the most sedentary person is takes 3k steps a day).

But the human body will accept any pattern we put into it whether that pattern is good or bad.

This is how chronic injuries develop out of seemingly innocent or even unknown events.

Injuries becomes chronic because your body adapts a new movement pattern due to unconscious compensations.

Learning to walk, or re-learning to walk allows you to re-train your body and turn it into a self healing machine.


The CoreWalking Program Won't Fix You!

We guide you to fix yourself because healing that lasts must come from within.

Start healing yourself now.

Sonya Lake

I have been in chronic back pain for 10 years! I am very active, yoga teacher, always weight trained. But in the past 3 years I have been not been able to do the things I live to do or at least not at the same capacity. I have been following your CoreWalking plan now for about 3 weeks and already I notice so much change in my body and my pain level has decreased and has changed in duration etc. I am only expecting it to get better... Just wanted to say thanks!

Trent Aaron

I was at the end of my rope. Daily pain from a tight psoas and piriformis which gave me sciatica and numbness. I searched and spent thousands of dollars until I stumbled across CoreWalking, and although I have a degree for posture therapy, I didn’t really understand my body. Thanks to Jonathan I learned and healed myself! I know that so many people have been and can be helped through this revolutionary system!

Beyond grateful to indebted!

Maria Hamburger

The CoreWalking Program is a wonderful tool for all walkers of all ages. A necessary tool for yoga and fitness teachers. The explanations and exercises are easy to understand and follow! A great gift for someone you love!

Maya Ray

Your walking lessons are probably one of the best things I've ever done. I wish I could clone you and have all my clients work with you.

Danielle Montezinos

When I found CoreWalking I was in so much pain. I had been going to chiropractors, massage therapists, an osteopath, and physical therapists and nothing was helping. I'd feel great after the session but I would walk out and in a block it was all abck. It was a waste of money and time. So I googled walking and I found CoreWalking. It's just been life changing. My pain has diminished. I feel like my body is working more effectively. I feel looser. I can breather easier. I highly recommend this.

Cally Reiman

Prior to doing CoreWalking I was in a lot of pain due to an injury and I had gone through so many different treatments from acupuncture to Rolfing to Feldenkrais and I still couldn’t resolve my issue. CoreWalking immediately corrected my posture and started me on a path to living pain free. And for the first time in years I am able to wear normal shoes and not have orthotics or discomfort in the course of walking through the city. It has taken all the pain out of my back and my hip has been healing greatly and it’s pretty miraculous to be honest with you.

Justin Carter

Before CoreWalking I had chronic headaches, pretty much for my whole life. I was experiencing some pretty serious back pain and since then I have figured out great ways to combat the back pain. My headaches for a large part have gone away. I recommend CoreWalking to anyone who has back problems, headache problems or just generally wants to feel better and have better posture.

Alexis Cuadrado

Here is a little bit about my experience with CoreWalking. Basically I came from a place where my back was hurting a lot, it was hard for me to operate professionally; it was hard for me to perform, carry my bass, play the piano, do the things I do. I tried a number of things that l still do—Yoga, swimming, alexander technique, relaxation, some acupuncture, you name it; and lot's of ibuprofen, but nothing was really wrong with my back and nobody was able to figure out what was going on nobody was able to figure out what was going on. I was being told that my posture as a bassist was great but the pain was there. And when I started with the program I just walked and it was great because the alignment issues that I was able to find out about that seemed to be the cause of my problems and they were just corrected by walking. And walking is such a simple thing that we do and it is great that with these simple instructions I continue working on my alignment and on my issue and somehow my back pain has been decreasing and it is much much better. So I couldn't be happier and I recommend the CoreWalking Program for anyone with working with issues that they have not been able to resolve otherwise.