Have You Ever Thought That the Way You Walk Might be Preventing You From Healing Stubborn Pain Issues— or even making things worse?

FACT: There is a difference between walking and walking correctly.

Have You Ever Thought That the Way You Walk Might be Preventing You From Healing Stubborn Pain Issues— or even making things worse?

FACT: There is a difference between walking and walking correctly.

Hi, I'm Jonathan FitzGordon, the creator of CoreWalking and In my mid-thirties, my body broke down and I suffered a series of injuries that led to a number of surgeries.

Determined to recover and live an active life - and I will admit to having moments of doubt about that possibility - I went back to square one and learned how to walk and stand in a way that the body is designed.

I went on a search and eventually discovered the foundation of all my problems.


That’s right, I had to learn how to walk and stand properly --- in the way that my body was designed.

And what a revelation this was!

The fact is: It isn't all that hard to make minor changes to the way you walk and experience less pain, greater mobility, and better energy. And feeling better feeds on itself.

Are you familiar with this illustration? It is Keep On Truckin' by R. Crumb and it shows exactly how most people walk, just like the guy in the picture above on the left. We tend to lean backwards and lead too much with our legs and feet. If you don't believe me take a few minutes to watch people on the street and you will be amazed at what you see. Because this is how most people walk. Why we walk this way is a whole story in itself, but you don't need to know that to change the way you walk and both get out of pain and get on the road to aging gracefully.

Change Your Walk, Change Your Life

Walking is the best way to bring permanent change to the body—because we all do it, and we do it over and over again.

The human body will accept any pattern we put into it whether that pattern is good or bad. This is how chronic injuries develop out of seemingly innocent or even unknown events.

Injuries becomes chronic because your body adapts a new movement pattern due to unconscious compensations.

Learning to walk, or re-learning to walk allows you to re-pattern your body to move in the direction of your choice.

The CoreWalking Program Doesn't Fix Anyone

We guide you to fix yourself because there is no change that doesn’t come from within.

Exercise and bodywork of all kinds are important but they are not ends unto themselves. A trip to the chiropractor or massage therapist is wasted if you aren’t working with them to bring changes to your body.

We must live a conscious life and the CoreWalking program offers you a means to change a lifetime of conditioned patterns and walk through life as a new you.

What Is CoreWalking?

CoreWalking teaches natural easy to employ movement patterns that change the way you walk, stand and feel forever. Tapping into simple techniques for walking they way the body was designed to walk

CoreWalking's simple instructions, basic anatomy lessons and essential core exercises bring radical and permanent change to a system that is meant to be a self-healing machine.

Learning to walk the CoreWalking way aligns the body to perform at its best, supporting the healing of pain and injury and keeping suffering at bay long into the future with your new movement tools.

But Don't Take My Word For It:

After watching a couple of these videos my walk has changed dramatically. I have walked with my left foot slightly turned out for almost 70 years. Now that I'm walking more mindfully I can't turn it out even if I wanted to!

Veronica Egan

Hi! My name is Ginger Purkey, and I am a Pilates Instructor in Evans, Ga. I found you on Facebook, follow your postings. .. I like to give my clients reasons why we do certain moves and always inform them how we are all connected, and I quote you a lot. I believe everyone should should learn how to stand, walk, etc to understand that it begins with the pelvis! You have taught me a lot about the body, and I feel, if you have the knowledge, that's half the battle. Thank you for all that you do!

Ginger Purkey

I found CoreWalking to be a fascinating road to wellness… For me, CoreWalking has resulted in a pain free life, and the active life that I want to lead and most importantly an ever growing knowledge of ways to maintain this wellness.

Lou Mintz

Prior to doing CoreWalking I was in a lot of pain due to an injury and I had gone through so many different treatments from acupuncture to Rolfing to Feldenkrais and I still couldn’t resolve my issue. CoreWalking immediately corrected my posture and started me on a path to living pain free. And for the first time in years I am able to wear normal shoes and not have orthotics or discomfort in the course of walking through the city. It has taken all the pain out of my back and my hip has been healing greatly and it’s pretty miraculous to be honest with you.

Cally Reiman

I did CoreWalking about a year ago with pretty intense lower back pain. I tried a bunch of things to fix it—traditional western doctors and I am a doctor—I had done stretching and yoga and couldn’t do anything to fix it. By CoreWalking lesson three the back pain basically went away and hasn’t come back.

Dr. David Bach

Before CoreWalking I had chronic headaches, pretty much for my whole life. I was experiencing some pretty serious back pain and since then I have figured out great ways to combat the back pain. My headaches for a large part have gone away. I recommend CoreWalking to anyone who has back problems, headache problems or just generally wants to feel better and have better posture.

Justin Carter

Here is a little bit about my experience with CoreWalking. Basically I came from a place where my back was hurting a lot, it was hard for me to operate professionally; it was hard for me to perform, carry my bass, play the piano, do the things I do. I tried a number of things that l still do—Yoga, swimming, alexander technique, relaxation, some acupuncture, you name it; and lot's of ibuprofen, but nothing was really wrong with my back and nobody was able to figure out what was going on nobody was able to figure out what was going on. I was being told that my posture as a bassist was great but the pain was there. And when I started with the program I just walked and it was great because the alignment issues that I was able to find out about that seemed to be the cause of my problems and they were just corrected by walking. And walking is such a simple thing that we do and it is great that with these simple instructions I continue working on my alignment and on my issue and somehow my back pain has been decreasing and it is much much better. So I couldn't be happier and I recommend the CoreWalking Program for anyone with working with issues that they have not been able to resolve otherwise.

Alexis Cuadrado

Hear what Nicola Slade has to say about her experience with the CoreWalking Program:

About Jonathan

The CoreWalking Program was born out of Jonathan FitzGordon‘s personal and professional experience with changing the body’s habitual movement patterns through self-awareness and repetition.

The program’s philosophy rests on the rock solid belief in our ability to change and evolve as we age. Jonathan learned this first hand. After stubbornly suffering through three knee surgeries and repeatedly re-injuring himself, Jonathan decided to step back a take a good look at how the body works. Injury free these many years later, the walking program aims to help people age gracefully and live pain free lives.

Jonathan has been practicing yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000, having studied with some of the yoga community’s leading teachers. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our aging bodies.

Here's Exactly What You Will Get Inside The Complete CoreWalking Program

  • Immediate relief from pain with five comprehensive walking lessons..
  • Tap into energy you thought lost forever by making simple changes to the way you walk.
  • Be active longer due to simple standing and walking instructions that make being on your feet a breeze.
  • How to create the posture and movement patterns you need to live a long, active and healthy life.
  • Experience new freedom in your joints and spine with every step you take as your body starts to work in harmony with all moving parts reacting harmoniously with each other.
  • Understand essential anatomy which will empower you to know the workings of the body which facilitates healing.
  • Walk better to stand better to sleep better to heal better.
  • Develop the right kinds of core muscle tone.

  • You'll get access to:
  • 54 Videos covering walking, anatomy and exercise
  • Three eBooks
  • Three Video Walking Analysis

If you have been struggling to find answers that no one can provide...

If you feel that you have lost a way of life and think that it is gone for ever...

If you are ready to take control of your healing journey and begin the process of fixing yourself...

Then CoreWalking is the answer for you!

You could just walk away now, continue on your path, and try to figure the rest out on your own and end up spending thousands more on medical bills, medication and even surgery.

Or worse...

You could ultimately end up in a wheelchair because while the body is a self healing machine when used well, if you don’t take advantage of its amazing design, you can very well end up like the old person stooped over and holding up traffic as it take five minutes to cross the street.

But this is is not what I desire for you. And I know it’s not what you desire for yourself.

So we have an incredible one-time offer for the CoreWalking Program including Videos, eBooks and Video Analysis

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