The CoreWalking Program For Yoga Teachers

yoga teachersI created The CoreWalking Program because, as a yoga teacher, I was looking for a way to help people take yoga off their mat into their daily lives. A few years into my yoga practice I was saddled with recurring knee injuries that required a number of surgeries before I was able to regularly do yoga again. As I was getting injured, I am sad to admit, I wasn’t paying much attention to why this was happening or how I was using my body in and out of yoga. Before yoga I was a “regular” person; not an athlete or a dancer and I had very little body awareness.

Once I was practicing regularly again—post surgery—I started studying anatomy in an attempt to figure out why my body broke down as it did. What ensued was a radical restructuring of my posture and musculature, becoming a new person of a sort. I no longer slouched all the time that I wasn’t doing yoga. And I no longer walked around with my feet turned out and my pelvis tucked under. I learned that there is a specific design to the way we are meant to move. This coincided with everything that I had learned as I was training to be a yoga teacher, but failed to apply even in my own practice.

While studying yoga I became very interested in karma yoga, the yoga of service, because, while I loved doing asana, it stroked my ego as much as anything else. I was good at it and I liked that. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but at the same time I was volunteering at a hospice in New York and found that giving to others served me in a very different way.

The CoreWalking Program did not set out to be a pain relief program. However, soon after it began, people reported getting out of all sorts of pain and the successes piled up quickly. Whether a client was a yoga practitioner or not all sessions began with tadasana, or samastitihi—equal standing. I found that most people had similar patterns in life and on the yoga mat.  Most everyone tucked their pelvis, though they didn’t think they did. Most people leaned back slightly, though they didn’t think they did – exactly the same patterns I saw in my yoga students and myself.

The CoreWalking Program is an excellent resource for yoga teachers as it includes 5 walking lessons, 24 anatomy videos and 25 exercise videos. There are also three books – two anatomy books on the psoas and the piriformis and one exercise workbook that guides people to figure out where they are weak and strong and what they need to work on.

We are now offering a 15% discount for certified yoga teachers whom would like to take advantage of the learning available in the program. And there is a ton of learning to be had. The truth is that while I would like your money, anyone who visits the store page of the website will see that the program is available to people who can’t afford it. I live to serve and try my best to share what I have to offer to anyone who wants it – I am here to help. This edict goes for yoga teachers who might want to check it out as well. Again, I want your money if you’ve got (at a discount) but will provide it to you, at no cost, if you truly can’t afford it. It is an excellent resource for learning about alignment and movement patterns.

There is also a money back guarantee if people need to see it and then want to return it. I am as insecure as the next person who puts his work out into the world and have been truly gratified by the fact that we get less that 1% returns from our sales so far. Finally, this month you can get a 30 minute skype session if you order before October 31st. So if you are interested in the program make sure to take advantage of this fantabulous offer.

Please feel free to contact me for the discount code, or with any other questions you might have.