CoreWalking: Super Summer Sale!

Click here for the summer sale!

Summer is here so it is time for a CoreWalking Sale!

You know it is summer in New York when you can park your car without any difficulty in any neighborhood that you choose to visit. It is one of the secret pleasures of the season.

In a couple of weeks my family is heading out for a month for a family reunion on my wife’s side, camping in Canada and then two weeks at my favorite hippie family camp, World Fellowship in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

But first we are presenting a sale that includes one of our best deals ever.

super summer sale

We also have some new offerings on the horizon. I am in the middle of filming a Yoga Teacher Training, A Posture video and since last week’s free video series, The Muscles of Back Pain went so well we have planned on providing a bunch more free content over the next few months.

We received tremendous feedback on the videos from last week and I can’t thank everyone who wrote in enough. We always appreciate comments and suggestions.

The Super Summer Sale is on for this week only Ending Saturday at Noon.

Here’s what you can get: The CoreWalking Program, Psoas Release Party! and a lifetime membership to the growing archive of Yoga Classes.

All for $197. And it includes hardcopies of the DVD’s and Books if you want them.

We hope everyone is having, and continues to have a great summer.

super summer sale

Click here for the summer sale!

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