Teacher Training w/ Jonathan FitzGordon

Our Next Training Begins In September

Jonathan FitzGordon, creator of the CoreWalking Program, Psoas Release Party! and Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2003, is offering a comprehensive teacher training sure to change the way you see yourself and others.

Practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2000, Jonathan will share his knowledge of yoga, anatomy, posture and walking in this wide-ranging six-month training. Topics include:

The Art Of Seeing

Intensive Anatomy

Biomechanics Of Yoga Postures

Learn To Walk

Sequencing Of Yoga Postures

The Science Of Breath

The Ethics Of Being A Teacher

Psoas Release Work

Pain Relief Techniques

An Emphasis On Posture

The application for the Teacher Training is available below, or you can schedule a call with Jonathan to see if the Teacher Training is right for you.

This training is for aspiring yoga teachers as well as movement professionals (yoga, pilates, chiropractic, dance, etc.) and anyone else looking to deepen their awareness of their body’s movement potential.

Joining this training is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best. Jonathan has devoted his practice to understanding anatomy and conveying that information to his students and clients in the most accessible way. He makes the complex seem simple, and he supports his clients to make major transformations in mobility and overall health. His trainees have gone on to become master teachers in their own right.

-Sabrina Eveland Portland, Oregon

I had considered doing a yoga teacher training for years and kept putting it off for a variety of reasons. When I saw that Jonathan FitzGordon, a teacher whose no-nonsense approach I admire, was offering a training that I could participate in remotely - I jumped at the chance. I have nearly completed the program and am learning to see subtleties in the body to a degree that I would never have imagined beforehand. The training has been very non-traditional, but in this case it's a great thing. This training goes so far beyond yoga into teaching people how to move in their bodies in order to reduce pain and age gracefully. This is powerful and important work that has surely broadened my horizons and influenced my goals for the future.

This training is for you if:

  • You want to develop teaching mastery – the ability to see and address your client’s concerns and offer concrete solutions to their physical issues.
  • You're curious about how the body works optimally and would like to improve your own movement patterns.
  • You've struggled to help your students get out of pain and you really want to make a difference.
  • You're willing to take a deep dive into anatomy and posture.
  • You've got the discipline to get your homework done independently.
  • You appreciate community and the shared experience of learning together.

With his creative, articulate voice and vision, Jonathan helped me refine the way I hold my body in the most daily environments to relieve years of low-grade chronic pain. His work with posture re-patterning is both utterly revolutionary and logically accessible. For teachers and healers, Jonathan's work will shift how you see, how you stand, and how you speak in your own work and teaching.

Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention and Practice You, Founder of Teach.yoga

The six month training is broken down into 12 modules with a new module released every two weeks. There are weekly group  calls and monthly private sessions. There will be a Facebook community for discussion, questions, assignments and a great deal of learning.

Jonathan, creator of the CoreWalking Program and Psoas Release Party! has been practicing yoga since 1995, teaching since 2000 and teaching teachers since 2003. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our aging bodies.

Jonathan's philosophy rests on the rock solid belief in our ability to change and evolve as we age. Jonathan learned this first hand. After stubbornly suffering through three knee surgeries and repeatedly re-injuring himself, he decided to step back a take a good look at how the body works. Injury-free these many years later, his teaching aims to help people age gracefully and live pain free lives.

Cost For Training: $2500

Payment Plans Are Available​. 

Jonathan's previous trainings have been incredible learning opportunities coupled with a sense of play and community. The body is an amazing thing to explore and it can take a lifetime to understand even the smallest part. Joining this training will open up a whole new world of body intelligence.

Listen to what Becca, a current trainee, thinks about the Teacher Training with Jonathan FitzGordon.

I started yoga seeking to heal from several lingering aches and pains related to impact sports. I waded through the variety of vinyasa-style classes offered throughout New York City, before finding one of Jonathan’s training’s. I was immediately converted. Jonathan's instruction on how to settle into asanas, combined with his knowledge of anatomy, is how I was able to make sense of yoga and find the places I needed to go to fix my injuries. One of his many strengths is on focusing on developing muscle groups to help maintain a pose longer and fall deeper into it. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be the yogi I am today without Jonathan's teachings.

Alexandre Mabilon

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