CoreWalking Testimonial: Kennet Waale

I had the pleasure of meeting Kennet Waale in person earlier this summer when he was visiting New York City from Australia. We had previously met in the virtual world of Facebook, where I enjoyed his knowledgeable blog posts and the links he shares about exercise and training.

I was thrilled to be able to work with him when he came to the city and I knew from his writing and approach that he would be able to integrate the concepts of my walking program. Everyone is different, and the ability and time it takes to adapt and change is unique to each individual.

I could tell immediately that Kennet and I were on the same page and he would be able to make quick use of what I had to offer.

While everyone is capable of changing for the better, the time frame often differs based on the level of knowledge and awareness that they bring to the table. Kennet’s video just blew me away. While we get our share of testimonials, I am humbled and thrilled by each one. In the testimonial Kennet was kind enough to say that I fixed his back but I can’t take that credit. I don’t fix people – I guide people to fix themselves. That, I hope, leads to more empowering and longer lasting change.

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