CoreWalking Testimonial: Tim Yeh

CoreWalking Testimonial: Tim Yeh

When I set out to teach people how to walk it was something of a lark. I was looking for something new to do and learn and walking seemed a natural outgrowth of yoga. I thought it would be an interesting way to help people take their yoga practice off the mat into their daily lives.

As I developed the program as a private practice and realized how effective it could be with help people with all sorts of pain, I started to expand my horizons trying to figure out how to provide an experience similar to working with me one-on-one. I made a series of DVD’s and wrote some short anatomy books meant to teach people how their bodies were designed to work.

But even then I knew that not everyone would learn via videos and books (I know it isn’t easy for me). With a bit of searching I found a site that would allow me mark videos up like instant replay on football along with a voice over about an individuals movement pattern. This, to me, is the most important piece of the CoreWalking Program, personalizing the process and making it much more intimate and accessible.

I am amazed and humbled each and every time we recieve a CoreWalking testimonial like the one above from Tim Yeh. While I know that the program might not work for everyone, I am so glad that we are having some successed helping people help themselves out of assorted body and pain issues.