CoreWalking Video Analysis

Video Analysis is a key element of the CoreWalking Program online. For years I was able to see people in New York in order to teach them to walk and what started as a way to help bring the yoga practice off of the mat has turned into a pain relief program (as well as athletic performance improvement and quality of life enhancement).

At a certain point I wanted to be able to share my work with a wider audience. For whatever it is worth, in New York City there is a practitioner on every corner who can help you with any issue under the sun. But if you live in a rural community here in the states or in The Northern Territory of Australia, network chiropractors and rolfers may not be so readily available.

So I created my DVD program that includes two anatomy books as well as an exercise workbook. But for me one of the highlights of the online program is the video analysis that comes with it. Customers can send me video of themselves walking and get my feedback just like the instant replay video analysis that is so popular with sports on TV.

The video above is a simple example of a video analysis session. The subject in the video above is my brother Peter who runs the business with me. He fulfills orders and runs the website side of things. Interestingly enough, even though he hasn’t done the program per se, his walk has improved a ton in the last year or two as if by osmosis (you should have seen him then).

All customer videos are private and if you are a customer that hasn’t sent in a video yet, the path that Peter takes on his walk is a perfect way to walk on your video.

If you purchase the program it comes with three video analyses usually broken down into before, middle and after. In the next couple of weeks we will be offtering the vdeo analysis as a stand alone product but we think it is definitely best when coupled with the walking lessons.

Check out the video above and think about changing the way that you walk. It is never too late to bring new and better movement patterns into your life.


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