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A large disc in my spine has been damaged since 2009. I have been in pain for years now, and the muscles in my right leg have been severely weakened due to the nerve damage. In January 2014 I had an emergency operation due to Cauda Equina Syndrom. After the operation it took several weeks until I could walk around with a walker. Due to how long my nerves had been damaged my walk was very unnatural and put a heavy strain on my legs, hips and muscles. After just a week of studying the Core Walking program I experienced significant improvement in my walking style. The program helped my active muscles that has not been activated for a long time due to my nerve damage and have helped me to relearn how to walk. Lots of training remains until I have recovered completely but Core Walking has really helped me in the recovery process. I even got applauses from the nurses last time I visited the hospital just because they saw how much I had improved! 

A.Strandberg, Stockholm Sweden


I am an iconoclast. It is the nature of my beast since the moment I could think an independent thought. It is not something that I chose but it is definitely something I embraced.

When I decided to teach people how to walk—and to be perfectly honest I chose walking as a bit of a lark—people thought I was a little odd. And they still do.

Telling people what I do elicits some entertainingly quizzical looks, with the implication of the question “don’t I already know how to walk?”

It was all fun and games until people started reporting relief from all types of problems from back pain to plantar fasciitis to headaches. Then it became fun and games and useful.

One of the pieces of my iconoclastic puzzle is a great desire to be my own boss and control my creative life so I self-published a number of books and made a set of videos and put them together with the added feature of video analysis and began selling the program online.

I am human— and therefore I can be insecure and have doubts like everyone –so even though we offer a money back guarantee I am often expecting emails asking me what kind of garbage am I selling?

Incredibly that hasn’t happened. Instead I get reviews like the ones above and below. These testimonials do a great job of laying out the efficacy of the CoreWalking Program.

To me, everyone has the opportunity to

•        take charge of their own health,

•        not settle for disease and discomfort,

•        find support from a trusted guide.

Do I call myself a healer? No. My sole purpose of creating CoreWalking is to help people believe that they can heal and to assist them on the beginning of that journey.

All too often I see clients who have given up hope, who suffer from pain, who don’t see a way out and have not found conventional approaches satisfying.

I’m here to tell you that healing is possible.


I found this program very helpful in correcting low back pain and tight muscles. I’ve tried several things in the past with limited success. The chiropractor tried adjusting and gave some core exercises but it only made things worse. What I like about the CoreWalking Video is being able to see and practice the little nuisances that make it effective. The psoas release technique is simple but very effective to be able to then strengthen the other muscles without the psoas overpowering everything. To learn how everything is connected through the pelvic area and balanced is the key to correcting poor posture and poor walking habits. It’s been several months since I’ve worked through this. I don’t have the tight muscles anymore, my low back is…well I don’t notice it anymore. I’m able to lift and do things like I was 20 something again. Thank you CoreWalking!!! 

Geo, Portage la Prairie, MB Canada


The CoreWalking Program has had great success alleviating muscle tension headaches and other pain problems because learning to walk correctly means moving optimally—and this limits the unnecessary stresses that can lead to pain and injury.

For a limited time we are offering our eBook, CoreWalking: First Steps To A New You, at a special discounted price. The CoreWalking Program can help you get out of pain one simple step at a time.

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