CoreWalking Works

CoreWalking works. Whether you want to get out of pain, feel better in general, or improve your performance at work and play it would serve you to change the way you walk and stand, and CoreWalking can help you do that.  No one needs to live in pain or discomfort. You can be a better golfer, tennis or basketball player; you can suffer less for putting in twelve hour days at your desk; you can have a body that will age well simply because you will use it as designed.

Nobody taught you how to walk which is a bummer because if you knew how to walk your body would function better.

  • Every step we take is meant to be a spinal twist that work and tone your organs. Most people don’t twist when they walk. Instead, the body between the pelvis and the rib cage moves forward as a solid stagnant block.
  • Each step of the foot should push off from the big toe. Unfortunately, most people move through the outside of the foot. Check out the soles of your shoes if you want to know what you do. Many people wear out there shoes on the outer edge which is the opposite of what we hope for.
  • The trunk should be on top of the legs when we walk but instead the legs are usually leading the way forward dragging the trunk along to catch up.

These are just a few of the lessons you will learn from the CoreWalking Program. Knowing how your body is supposed to function can make life easier—pains can dissipate, athletic performance can improve, and sitting at your desk for 8-12 hours a day can get so much less punishing.

Change your walk and you will change your life.