A Couple of Core Tricks

core tricksWhen it comes to teaching yoga class I have to admit that I am a fan of tricks that are a mixture of silly, fun, informative and hard work. I hope that both the of the core tricks that I do in this video fall into these categories.

Teaching yoga has its ebbs and flows and I often get into working on poses or body parts in class for a few weeks or a month and then forget about them, sometimes for years. The core tricks in the video above fall into that space. I am not sure why they disappeared from my mind’s eye but they made a return this past week and I have been having fun with them.

Watching myself on these videos is always a trip; mainly because I rarely think I do them as well as I think or even teach on the video. I truly didn’t think I was doing the fishtailing of the lower body that I mention in the video. Or at least not as much as I witness when I watch in replay.

The main thing that I see watching this video is how much I am weighted to my right side, a truism that I have written about on more than one occasion. But still it freaks me out to watch it digitally and see how off I am. Oh well, back to the proverbial drawing board.

A Couple of Core Tricks


  • Either do plank with your feet on a blanket or wear socks.
  • Pull yourself forward with your hands trying to keep your lower body as stable as possible.
  • Go as far as you can or want and then walk backwards.


  • Set up the same way with either a blanket or socks and then pike your hips up towards the ceiling pulling your feet as far forward as you can.
  • Slide the feet back to plank and repeat.


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