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  • The CoreWalking Program is the only pain relief program that gets you out of pain one simple step at a time. Making simple changes to the way you walk and stand can have profound effects on your pain issues and the ability to heal and stay healed.

    The program includes 55 videos: 5 walking lessons, 25 exercise videos & 25 anatomy videos, 3 eBooks and 3 Video Analyses of your walk.

  • The Psoas Release Party! is a collection of release exercises designed to let go of long held trauma that often stays stubbornly in the body. The psoas is the most important muscle in the body working to hold us up, walk us through life and act as a warehouse for unprocessed trauma.

    Using this series of exercises as well as learning all about the anatomy and function of this amazing muscle can often help when doctors, physical therapy and medications have not.

  • An Online private with Jonathan can be life changing. Working personally to change the way you walk and stand in a 50 minute session will get you started with The CoreWalking Program and Psoas Release Party! and jumpstart your journey into healing as you take control and become the architect of  your recovery.
  • Take A Walk With Me mp3 is a 20 minute podcast where Jonathan talks you through walking and standing allowing you to implement all of the CoreWalking techniques with his assistance on a daily basis.

    Using the Take A Walk With Me mp3 has helped so many of our customers and clients stay focused on their healing journey.

  • The Muscles Of Back Pain Video Series was created in direct response to questions and comments from CoreWalking Customers. These video target specific muscles and exercises which are incredibly important but often misunderstood and performed incorrectly.

    With Jonathan’s simple yet insightful instructions you will get an new understanding of basic exercises that are essential for healing and aging gracefully.

  • Our Private Facebook Group gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly to Jonathan and the CoreWalking Team as well as meet other people that might be dealing with similar issues as yourself. The answers and understandings gained from this group are invaluable and it is a resource you can return to over and over again.

After watching a couple of these videos my walk has changed dramatically. I have walked with my left foot slightly turned out for almost 70 years. Now that I'm walking more mindfully I can't turn it out even if I wanted to!

Veronica Egan

Hi! My name is Ginger Purkey, and I am a Pilates Instructor in Evans, Ga. I found you on Facebook, follow your postings. .. I like to give my clients reasons why we do certain moves and always inform them how we are all connected, and I quote you a lot. I believe everyone should should learn how to stand, walk, etc to understand that it begins with the pelvis! You have taught me a lot about the body, and I feel, if you have the knowledge, that's half the battle. Thank you for all that you do!

Ginger Purkey

I have to admit, I have jumped around on the website, blog, downloads and all. I'm amazed at the depth and completeness of your work. With this program I'm going to fix my 8-9 month battle with left sided nerve entrapment In the pelvis/hip. Between my physician, a chiropractor, sports medicine MD, physical medicine MD, a neurosurgeon, and the medical director at my job (he's an orthopedic surgeon) none could tell me what was wrong or what to do. I feel better in five days than I've felt in 8 months. The weight gain of 3 steroid injections and an oral course, is hopefully going to reverse. I'll be 60 yrs this year and cannot imagine my life like it was, going forward. Finally, this will be the course that helps me to help myself. I invested in about 3-4 other courses, books, chair pillows and cushions, equipment (a deluxe teeter and a total gym) as well as some yoga videos. A doctor at work, doesn't believe me, that I've gotten so much relief from some simple techniques, of un-tucking and belly breaths.

Tambra Patino

Your walking lessons are probably one of the best things I've ever done. I wish I could clone you and have all my clients work with you.

Maya Ray

A large disc in my spine has been damaged since 2009. I have been in pain for years now, and the muscles in my right leg have been severely weakened due to the nerve damage. In January 2014 I had an emergency operation due to Cauda Equina Syndrom. After the operation it took several weeks until I could walk around with a walker. Due to how long my nerves had been damaged my walk was very unnatural and put a heavy strain on my legs, hips and muscles. After just a week of studying the Core Walking program I experienced significant improvement in my walking style. The program helped my active muscles that has not been activated for a long time due to my nerve damage and have helped me to relearn how to walk. Lots of training remains until I have recovered completely but Core Walking has really helped me in the recovery process. I even got applauses from the nurses last time I visited the hospital just because they saw how much I had improved!

Anna Strandberg

With his creative, articulate voice and vision, Jonathan helped me refine the way I hold my body in the most daily environments to relieve years of low-grade chronic pain. His work with posture re-patterning is both utterly revolutionary and logically accessible. For teachers and healers, Jonathan's work will shift how you see, how you stand, and how you speak in your own work and teaching.

Elena Brower

The CoreWalking Program is a wonderful tool for all walkers of all ages. A necessary tool for yoga and fitness teachers. The explanations and exercises are easy to understand and follow! A great gift for someone you love!

Maria Hamburger

I found my groove more deeply in Core Walking.

The key for me is to use my chest as an indicator, but not push it out (by contracting the erectors, leaning back with hips forward like most people do to "stand up straight").

Chest out automatically means hips and head are back.

Second point is head back. Together chest and head are in a gentle stretch to open the shoulder area.

I know the chest is in the right place when my arms feel light and free.

Opening my chest and shoulders feels good to me because I have a dowgers hump with forward neck and head, i think due mainly to narrow palate and airway that requires that to keep my airway open. If i put my head back too far i have trouble breathing and talking.

What i control is relaxing the hips and sometimes pointing my knees in slightly especially when walking fast.

Another thing to notice but not control is full foot contact and roll.

What controls all this is relaxing the hips back automatically using all the fine tuning adjustments i have tried like being aware of hyper lordosis as i learned this. I might not have been able to do this in the beginning. My biggest oversite has been working about hyper lordosis and flattening my back too much which tucks my hip forward. Now I let my butt stick out and my belly stick out too. This feels right because my chest comes out, my hips rotates comfortably and i feel my abs engaged in a nice way like a self massage. My butt is in use and i got sore on the smaller weaker side glute so it is evening it out, too.

My new shoes have helped, the Alta's in my other post.

I also belief that my body might not be optimal symmetrical right now because there are compensations for cranial and dental imbalances that I am working on separately but take more time. That is another reason to focus on my chest and head and let everything else relax around that, rather than try to balance my hips in every detail.

All this seems to give me a sense of well being like it is balancing my brain and turning my spine into an energy antennae, which is part of the idea behind yoga. I like the idea of aliging spine and mind, spine and life. It starts with the hips and the back of the legs.

Paul Hess

Listened to the walking MP3 which was excellent! Walked to my studio and back, about a half mile each way which I have not been able to do for a long time without a lot of hip and back pain. I could do it so much better trying to walk as "new me." I had some aching in my lower back and hips but not enough to stop me.

Susan Gertz

Celia Anne

Hi, been working on my core walking for over a year lots of big improvements. My original problem one side hip tilted back and the other side forward. So I have been busy trying to get the hips level. Making great progress.

Celia Anne

I did CoreWalking about a year ago with pretty intense lower back pain. I tried a bunch of things to fix it—traditional western doctors and I am a doctor—I had done stretching and yoga and couldn’t do anything to fix it. By CoreWalking lesson three the back pain basically went away and hasn’t come back.

Dr. David Bach

Prior to doing CoreWalking I was in a lot of pain due to an injury and I had gone through so many different treatments from acupuncture to Rolfing to Feldenkrais and I still couldn’t resolve my issue. CoreWalking immediately corrected my posture and started me on a path to living pain free. And for the first time in years I am able to wear normal shoes and not have orthotics or discomfort in the course of walking through the city. It has taken all the pain out of my back and my hip has been healing greatly and it’s pretty miraculous to be honest with you.

Cally Reiman

When I found CoreWalking I was in so much pain. I had been going to chiropractors, massage therapists, an osteopath, and physical therapists and nothing was helping. I'd feel great after the session but I would walk out and in a block it was all abck. It was a waste of money and time. So I googled walking and I found CoreWalking. It's just been life changing. My pain has diminished. I feel like my body is working more effectively. I feel looser. I can breather easier. I highly recommend this.

Danielle Montezinos

I have found this program the most helpful thing I have done after slipping a disc over 10 years ago. I have done a lot of different therapies and rehab programs. Just learning how to stand better helped a lot. So I am very grateful to you and happy to have found this program.

Suzie Brett

Core walking has the most information anywhere all in one-- about the psoas and proper walking. Although I "thought" I was walking correctly, my one on one session with Jonathan gave me so much information and helped me tremendously to correct my posture. After years of treatments with specialists with no long term relief, I finally found the answers to my pain. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Erica Vaillancourt

Growing up I always had a fairly active lifestyle. When I got to my second year in college, I started to notice that my walking wasn't the way it used to be. My feet were slapping the ground, my leg muscles felt really overworked, and my neck started to get really tight. So basically for a period of two-three years, my life was pretty awful in terms of how I was feeling physically. But when I discovered CoreWalking, it really helped to change the direction my health had been going. Basically, a big emphasis in CoreWalking is explaining what you're doing wrong, and then explaining what you should be doing to be right. Really understanding the body mechanics and what my body wasn't doing right really helped to solidify what I needed to do to be better. CoreWalking walked me through each step of the way how to reach the end goal of being biomechanically sound. Over the past couple of months I've been able to make some permanent progress, and it's really helped to solidify and make gains. I'm physically better for it, and nowadays if I wake up and I'm not doing quite as well, I know how to fix myself, and that's really made all the difference.

Tim Yeh

Before CoreWalking I had chronic headaches, pretty much for my whole life. I was experiencing some pretty serious back pain and since then I have figured out great ways to combat the back pain. My headaches for a large part have gone away. I recommend CoreWalking to anyone who has back problems, headache problems or just generally wants to feel better and have better posture.

Justin Carter

I've been running since I was able to walk. When I was 28 my body started to fall apart, the one thing that was never supposed to happen. Well this superman had to go to a lot of doctors and most of them said, "Hey look, you're perfectly fine." That was until I saw some specialists that said maybe your hypermobile and I had to start paying more attention to how I moved. It was scary at first, but with information, specifically from CoreWalking, I was able to reclaim my life. And now for the first time in a long time I am able to smile because I know that though it’s a journey I’ll have to change the way I work, it’s the way I should have always moved. And now I have a new lease on life.

Michael Delfausse

Here is a little bit about my experience with CoreWalking. Basically I came from a place where my back was hurting a lot, it was hard for me to operate professionally; it was hard for me to perform, carry my bass, play the piano, do the things I do. I tried a number of things that l still do—Yoga, swimming, alexander technique, relaxation, some acupuncture, you name it; and lot's of ibuprofen, but nothing was really wrong with my back and nobody was able to figure out what was going on nobody was able to figure out what was going on. I was being told that my posture as a bassist was great but the pain was there. And when I started with the program I just walked and it was great because the alignment issues that I was able to find out about that seemed to be the cause of my problems and they were just corrected by walking. And walking is such a simple thing that we do and it is great that with these simple instructions I continue working on my alignment and on my issue and somehow my back pain has been decreasing and it is much much better. So I couldn't be happier and I recommend the CoreWalking Program for anyone with working with issues that they have not been able to resolve otherwise.

Alexis Cuadrado

I came to CoreWalking because of a lot of tension in my hips and specifically I have come to learn in my psoas muscle. I am a professional actress and singer and being on stage and not just comfortable but in full command of my body is critical. The best thing about CoreWalking is that it teaches you about your whole body and how to incorporate its movement into healing.

Rebecca Joy Fletcher

Wow. I did the level one video and I am reading the whole story about the psoas and it is totally changing my life. I have loved with the most tremendous hip pain for the last ten years. And yesterday I took a one mile walk and I followed the method and I feel better.

Glenn FitzGerald