All Day Psoas Release Party! Workshop at Kula Yoga

psoas release party workshopThis Sunday I’ll be presenting a full day Psoas Release Party workshop at Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca from 10-5pm. The day long format will allow for more individual attention for participants.

Ten years later this is still my favorite workshop to offer. The amazing psoas muscle holds so much mystery within it and coming to a basic understanding of its function and its role in both posture and pain issues can be revelatory.

Release work can be truly fascinating as I never know what is going to happen at these workshops though overwhelmingly, people feel better after they leave and most often get a killer night’s sleep.

“It’s all about the psoas” is one of my favorite refrains and I swear by its truth. The psoas is the body’s most important muscle for three reasons all of which you will learn more about at this Sunday’s Psoas Release Party workshop.

  • It is a key postural muscle working with the piriformis and gluteus maximus (the only other two muscles that connect the legs to the spine) to balance the spine on top of the legs and pelvis.
  • It is the main muscle of walking. Every successful step we take is initiated by the psoas major muscle which works with the brain to keep our legs ambulating.
  • The psoas is the warehouse of the body’s unprocessed energy or trauma. When events happen that we can’t integrate in real time, the body will hold onto that energy until an appropriate time to let it go arrives, if it ever does.

If you have back pain, hip pain, groin pain and even foot, shoulder and neck pain your psoas might be part of the problem and solution. The Psoas Release Party workshop is a great opportunity to learn about this fascinating muscle and begin the process of releasing some chronic long held tension from your body.