Don’t Stick Your Neck Out. (It’s the Hyoid Bone.)

Somehow I think of the hyoid bone in association with the inguinal ligament.  That association is certainly a contrast of the hard and the soft but for me they both seem to hold things in place, at least conceptually: divisions of major physical areas.  And after straining over my images for an hour or so on my notebook computer I think “hyoid!” and “core” and bring my self back into alignment.

I’m in Buenos Aires for 2 months, a situation I enjoy although it’s fraught with obstacles as far as working with anatomical sources and reproducing material for the web.  I miss my scanner!  And the winter light is elusive, making me chase my drawings with a handheld camera — a dicey situation.  Still, the lifestyle and atmosphere of Buenos Aires is as enticing as always.  I recommend it.

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