Egg Shells In My Coffee

eggshellsMany years ago, reading a Ross Thomas novel (if you have never heard of him and like crime fiction go read Chinamen’s Chance) a character mentioned dropping egg shells into brewing coffee.
Sometime later I mentioned this to my mother who told me that her mother regularly threw egg shells into the speckled blue enamel coffee pot that was forever on my grandmothers stove when I was growing up.
That’s how habits are born and for years I added egg shells to my coffee. Its effects are pretty astounding. It cuts the bitterness out of coffee in a noticeable way and over the years I have done many taste tests for unbelievers.

For whatever reason I stopped putting eggshells in my coffee a couple of years ago, even though my appreciation for the holy bean has only increased. I never used the blue enamel pot for making coffee though I have experimented with many other receptacles. Lately my favorite way to make my java is with the Clever Coffee Dripper which I must say (no really, I must) makes an incredible cup.

A few days ago as I was procrastinating around the internets I came across an article on the health benefits of egg shells and needless to say they are back in my coffee grounds with each cup I brew.

Someone way back when told me that it was the albumin in the egg shells that cuts the bitterness of the coffee. According to the article I linked to, which isn’t necessarily the article I stumbled across, calcium provides the health punch of crushed egg shells.


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