What Exactly Constitutes A Car Accident?

car accidentA while back, driving home from a workshop in Philadelphia, I was napping in the passenger seat when I my brother hit a pot hole that messed up my spine. He ran over a couple of smaller ones before the one that ruined me.

As soon as it happened I knew it wasn’t good. My spine got crunched and I felt it most where my head connects to the top of the vertebral column. I woke with a start, my hand went to me neck and I muttered, “That wasn’t good.”

My body hasn’t been the same since. Mornings have been particularly miserable. My back aches upon waking and it feels stiffer than it has in years. It works itself out after some stretching and I have practiced the last couple of days but things just feel off.

So it’s off to the chiropractor tomorrow to get adjusted and presumably be on my road to healing but one never knows and it is such a tenuous feeling to be so vulnerable to pain and injury. Even though I have every faith that I will heal without too much difficulty the space before healing is a powerful and none too pleasant place to be.

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