Expanding the CoreWalking Store

The CoreWalking program packageWe are approaching one full year of the availability of the CoreWalking Program online. It has been an incredible year, gratifying and humbling as each and every email and letter we receive about the assistance that customers are getting from the CoreWalking Program is both thrilling and amazing.

When I set out to teach people how to walk I had no idea the just how far reaching the benefits of changing one’s walking patterns could be. The original idea was simply to help students take their yoga practice off the mat and into their daily lives. I would watch students do what I asked of them in class but then walk out of the studio without paying any attention to how they moved once a yoga session was over.

The first most obvious effect was on back pain. Immediately people started reporting an easing if not disappearance of chronic lower back, hip and groin pain. In the years since I have seen the magic of changing one’s walking extending down to the feet—so long orthotics— and up into the head—goodbye muscle tension headaches.

Add knees and shoulders into the mix and changing one’s movement patterns can really help with almost anything in the body. Is it the answer for everyone and everything that goes wrong with your system? Absolutely not. There are situations such as genetically inherited conditions or accidents that create permanent damage as well as unfortunately, people unwilling to do the work necessary to get themselves out of pain.

The CoreWalking Program doesn’t fix people, it guides people to fix themselves. Our message is that all of the outside help in the world won’t help you if you don’t help yourself by changing the long held conditioned patterns that lead to issues or exacerbate problems that result from assorted injuries and traumas.

But we are happy to report a pretty great success rate with individuals willing to take the leap to help themselves and we bend over backwards to provide the support and resources necessary to facilitate that journey.

This past year we have only been selling the CoreWalking Program as a set including our 5 DVD’s as well as three books, and three video analyses that create a complete path to changing walking and standing patterns.

But now we are getting set to expand the CoreWalking Store, selling the components of the program individually. It is still a much better deal if you buy everything in one package but we wanted to make all the component pieces available to those who were interested.

New CoreWalking Products

We have new products coming as well. In February we are going to film the Psoas Release Party! workshop that was truly the start of all of my work that followed. We plan to have that available on DVD or streaming video this spring. We are also going to the release the first compilation of blog posts—on sleeping—from the last two years. A concise collection of twenty five posts covering all of the sleep issues that concern me and so many of our readers and customers.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2014 and hope that you will stick around to keep reading the blog and take advantage of some of the great products that we offer.

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