Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

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Foot cozy.  Where there’s light there’s heat, and in the heat of process is sensation.  Or, that’s the idea anyway.

It’s cold, well it’s winter in Montevideo, just as it was in Buenos Aires in July.  That’s part of the whole idea: avoid New York City summer.  Of course we did get the flu.  Two winters a year give you extra opportunity.  But we seem to have emerged unscathed, at least as far as the flu went (the mugging was of course another story).

But it’s been cold.  The floor tiles in the Montevideo apartment are cold (and hard) and when I practice yoga here I extend my feet toward the gas heater.  Even then, with the heater, I wear my toeless socks — a barrier between me and the iciness of the ceramic tile.  After being sick it feels so good to sense energy coming back into the limbs, and those feet.  Sending it from the center out.  It’s all really very simple.

Getting warmth and energy into the feet and toes brings them alive and connects them with the bone.  And that’s definitely where it’s at for me. If I can find the bone I can find the muscle, and then the connecting tissue.

We’re flying back to Brooklyn on Sunday, the long way, through Santiago, Chile.  (Wish we could stop off in Santiago and see some of the city — but there’s an airport tax — and I digress!…) Lots of back prep tomorrow: sacrum, piriformis, quadratus lumborum, psoas. And more of the same once we’re home again: undoing the damage of the almost 24 hours in cramped airplanes and crappy airport chairs.  (I like to do tree wherever I am, but somehow I feel defeated in airports and planes.  I hate being a spectacle… I’ll just ponder the bones in my feet instead.)

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