Your Feet Have a Story to Tell

your feet   your feet

I found this picture on Facebook (the one on the left), which I am loathe to admit, is a treasure chest of goodies for someone like me. There is a ton of great yoga, anatomy and health related information that filters through my newsfeed.

While I love history I don’t have that much luck with non-fiction while really enjoying historical novels. A number of years back I got into the books of Edward Rutherford who uses the cool technique of writing stories that cover a ten thousand year time span. He will follow a number of families through generation after generation until arriving in the present day.

I am pretty sure that it was in Sarum, his first and my favorite, where he wrote of people with different kinds of feet. Those with long prehensile toes were water people who needed length for gripping rocks and branches, while short stubby toed people were from agrarian cultures, grounded to the land.

Looking at the picture of my feet, and I look at my feet more than most, it is hard to say where I am from according the Facebook image. My left foot is German and my right foot is Greek. My heritage that I know of is Russian on my father’s side and Hungarian on my mothers.  The second toe of my right foot is shortened due to shoes. At least that is my take. I have my mother’s hammer toe, which she had surgically repaired more than once. You can see how the knuckle pops up higher than all the others.

I admit I am really into feet. It is hard to be a yoga, and walking, teacher and not be obsessed with the lower end of our lower extremities. But I think that everyone would be well served by observing and getting to know your feet well. Healthy feet are essential for graceful aging.


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