Flip Flops are Bad For You

flip flopsIt is the time of the year again when i get to complain about flip flops, the world’s most dangerous shoe. Summer approaches, the temperatures rise and toes long hidden are exposed. And if you happen not to wear an ipod the unmistakable slap of the flip and the flop fills the brain.

The problem with flip flops is they are bad for your feet and the rest of you as well—actively bad. Full disclosure- my daughters owns, wears, and loves her flip flops— parenting is complicated.

Flip flops are often credited for resurrecting the Japanese economy post WWII but their negative effects on feet far outweigh any positives that their manufacturing might have created.

The way of the foot is with every successful step the foot lengthens into its stride and the toes extend as we roll our weight through the mound of the big toe. This is why an open toe box is so important to me when buying shoes. I want room to move in the forefoot—room for my toes to lengthen with every step.

This action is not available with flip flops. Because there is nothing anchoring your heel, you have to grip the toes with every step in order to keep your shoes on— exactly the opposite of what the foot is supposed to do. The feet should lengthen and expand wih every step you take.

Get rid of the flip flips. Get some sandals. Enjoy the summer while taking care of your feet and body.


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