Follow Up To The Hands In Tadasana Post

I received so many great comments and emails about this morning’s post- Why Do Students Turn The Palms Open In Tadasana?—that I wanted to follow up with a couple of thoughts because I couldn’t respond to everyone’s comments.

First and foremost, I was originally going to name the post, Stop Turning The Palms Open In Tadasana, and my wife, who reads most of my posts before I hit the publish button, suggested the current title. And boy am I glad she did.

It is important for me to acknowledge that I am also a student with so much to learn. Everyone had such good reasons both pro and con for why they chose to either turn the palms open, turn them in, and in some cases let them fall where they will which often splits the difference. I didn’t agree with each and every one but that isn’t the point.

Not much else to say other than I learn more and more that is it best to let go of don’t from my mind in this and many other instances, and accept that personal choices often dictate behavior for good reason.

The palms and forearms are an amazing part of our anatomy that don’t seem to get as much attention as other pieces of our anatomy in the world of body writing, so I am going to spend some time on them in the next couple of weeks as well as the shoulders.


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Why Do Students Turn The Palms Open In Tadasana?