Foot on a Block on the Street

foot on a block on the street is great for hip painThere are certain subjects that I have written about time and again. A lot of what I do focuses on the mystery of release work. Creating an environment where energy can move within the body and sometimes leave creating greater possibilities for freer movement.

A number of releases and stretches have become part of my daily life because I find them to be so effective. Foot on a block is one of those exercises.

Hanging and swing one leg off a block, or for this post, a curb is a great way to provide space in the hip joint and the groins if you have pain or other issues while walking around. I have become a walking machine of late and I utilize this release position at least a couple of times during a long walk.

My personal body issue of late is usually a short left leg– that is the report I get most often from the chiropractor on my visits. My left leg is pulled up short which also twists my pelvis affecting me all the way up to my neck. As an aside, on my last visit I was told that my issues were all intestinal so am gearing up for some sort of post-holiday season cleanse.

If my short left leg manifest as pain it would be in a slight burning I sometimes get in the right SI joint as a result of the pelvis twisting from the leg shortening. Or I sometimes get a twinge in my right heel on the inside. Either of these sensations is a reason for me to swing my foot off of a curb while walking but I also do it often simply for maintenance.

Photo by Ida


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