Foot Work: Clean Your House

foot workI spend my days looking at feet.  What I see in someone’s feet provides me with many of the clues that I need in order to work with the rest of the body. The position and strength of the feet determine a lot of what happens above them. My main approach is that we have to align the pelvis correctly for everything else to fall in place but there is a lot of foot work that must be done and you might as well combine that with cleaning your house.

I am all about functional fitness. I teach people to walk because we all do it every day and if we did it correctly we would likely age better. One of the impediments to ageing well is the nature of our feet. Older people with bad feet have a poorer quality of life, and the Q of L is everything. The more time we spend on foot work, and the sooner, the better.

Clean house, the exercise in the video above, couldn’t be more simple. Pick stuff up with your toes. You don’t have to actually clean your house. Put a number of objects on the floor and work on picking them up.  Towels, tennis balls, golf balls, napkins: anything works. This is simple stuff that can provide huge benefits.


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