Footprints in the Snow

foot prints in snowLast night was a beautiful night to take a walk in Brooklyn. I miss the snow covered winters that used to rock Brooklyn when I was growing up.  It has barely snowed in the seven years since my first child was born.  I love the winter though it has definitely put a crimp in my lofty walking goals.

Out with the dog for our evening walk I came across these two sets of footprints in the snow and I had to record them. People tend to walk differently in the snow, some with abandon and many with a great deal more trepidation.  I think you see both ends of the spectrum in these footprints.

On the right we have a very short parallel stride with fairly short steps that I love but if I had to guess that person would have a slightly longer stride in different conditions. But they would probably maintain their nice parallel pattern. But what about our friend on the left with the big feet long stride and impressive turnout. I would guess that this is exactly the way that they walk in life without snow.

You can tell a lot about someone by the footprint they leave. In a different context there is a great line from the incomparable Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard.  William Holden is down on his luck trying to avoid debt collectors and he says in a voice over   the shoe shine guy never needed to ask how things were, he’d just look at your heels and know the score.


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