Footwork: Move Your Toes

Moving any of our fingers independently is an easily accomplished task in certain directions (Can you do the Vulcan salute?). This cannot often be said for the toes. Every few classes that I teach I run through the series of exercises in the video above and I always end the same way— the harder it is to do something the more you want to do it.

Some people have no problem with this footwork but I would say that close to half can’t move their big toes by themselves, let alone control any movement once the digits are up. As always with this kind of effort, the difference in ability that you see in the two feet provides clues up the chain of the body.

When it comes to the moving body, the mobility of the feet speaks directly to what can be expected from everything that sits above.  A healthy body maintains good balance between flexion and extension which is why one of the first exercises that I offer people is pointing the feet and tucking the toes. Seeing what an individual can do in that pose gives me endless insight into the hip joints.

Any effort put into footwork will pay off over time; the benefits are better energy, easier ageing, and more harmonious movement patterns. Get started today.


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