Getting a lift.

Thumbing a ride, and other digital initiatives. 14 November. 201

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Thumbing a ride and other digital initiatives:  I drew two left hands (above) because I’m working on reinforcing a connection to my non-dominant hand.  Sometimes it seems as if it’s just along for the ride.  I keyboard with it, but in weight bearing activities (like a nice long downward facing dog) I’ve noticed that it tends to lie back a little.  I’m experimenting with bringing the thumb inward a bit, I’m looking at Jonathan’s hand meditation :  /alignment-thumb/.  As a subject for a drawing, the thumb forms a much more graceful shape when it’s extended out.  But a much nicer palm hollow is formed when you move it in, toward the rest of the hand.  It’s not so easy to move the fingernail to the midline.  But I’ll keep trying.  It seems to send energy back up from the floor — from a more stable,more engaged base.

I don’t know what this has to do with the feet, and I do I like to think of the hands and feet together.  After all, there are phalanges in both.  But there is a lot of flexibility in the hand and fingers, and a lot of strength in the feet.  Maybe the hands need to get a little more like the feet, and the feet need to get a little more like the hands.  At least it’s interesting to try it.  And it’s always fun to bring a new exploration into downward dog: exploring the feet, toe by toe and bringing the fingernails into the midline as a bit of push-back.

Anyway, I’m digressing.  Time to bring those fingers closer together and to push some floor.  Searching for the infinite midline does interesting things to my forearm. And my left hand is finally getting into the act.


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