Gomukasana Arms: Elbows Apart

gomukasana armsThis is the third of these morning stretches (Garduasana arms, Side stretch)  that I love so much. To repeat something that I wrote in an earlier post, it is amazing to see what these head, neck and shoulder exercises do to students. From the teachers perspective seeing everyone react to these poses as strongly as they do makes me want to teach them more. Everything should be easy and doing these poses with the consistency required to make them benign is worth the effort.

Gomukasana Arms: Elbows Apart

  • Lift your right arm up and turn you right hand to face behind you. You can bring your left hand up to assist in the rotation of the upper arm towards the back of the body.
  • Bend the elbow and drop your right hand behind your back.
  • Bring the left arm out to the side, slightly in front of the chest, and turn the palm towards the back of the back of the body and try to bring the left hand towards your back and maybe even to interlace with the fingers of the right hand.
  • Muscularly pull everything towards the midline of the body, with the upper arms moving towards parallel and the elbows moving away from eachother towards the floor and the ceiling.
  • When you have your hands where the will end up try to inhale and expand the ribs into your wrist behind the back.


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