Hard on the Muscles, Easy on the Joints

Hard on the Muscles, Easy on the Joints: That is how I have been describing my yoga classes lately. When I started teaching my style was pretty much the opposite. Long before I knew how to actually teach, I was putting people through ridiculous paces that my loose joints were happy to keep up with.

For example:


The crazy thing is that I was able to do this. The stupid thing is that I suggested that others try it as well.

Like many yoga teachers I learned my craft on the fly. I had only taught two or three actual classes before I began teaching my first regularly scheduled class which was a nightmare for me but everyone who attended assured me it was just peachy.

Six months passed before I enjoyed teaching and then three another year passed before I woke up to the fact that I knew next to nothing and was in need of some learning if I wanted to be an effective teacher.

This led to the transformation from a teacher that was hard on the joints to one that hard on the muscles and easy on the joints though I work the surrounding muscles intensely.

I teach four public classes a week and they are all pretty similar: A lot of core strengthening and back body lengthening. Over the years I have found this to be the recipe that I serve most often.


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