Be Your Own Healer Day 9: Jill Miller

jill millerDay 9: Jill Miller Interview

As we’re over a week into the Telesummit I just want to reflect on what an interesting process it’s been to speak to all of these smart, committed, compassionate people whose work is about helping others. But, at the same time, it’s not about anyone doing the work for you.

Jill Miller wants you to live better in your body. She knows how possible it is for you to heal yourself.

Jill and I talk a lot about personal responsibility. We provide the tools for our clients but our clients are the ones that do the work. As Jill says, sometimes it takes someone caring about you or believing in you to help you see for yourself what’s possible. That’s what I hope to do with CoreWalking and what I know Jill Miller offers with her Yoga Tune Up products.

It was really great to speak with Jill especially since we have so many people in common and are working toward the same goal–helping people become more aware of their bodies so they can get relief and live healthier lives.

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