Be Your Own Healer: Eric Goodman

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eric goodmanThe telesummit continues. Today, day five, I interview Dr. Eric Goodman the creator of Founsation Training. As I and so many readers of the blog know all too well, too many people suffer from back pain and Eric Goodman wanted to do something about it.

He developed Foundation Training which has helped thousands of people become completely pain free. I discovered Eric’s work when one of my client’s told me about him so I had to check him out. And I loved it. Now I do the practice myself as well as incorporate it into my private and group classes. It really works and it beautifully complements CoreWalking.

I enjoyed hearing Eric speak about the body’s natural ability improve and repair itself as well how important it is to take care of yourself. I think you’ll appreciate it too.

For more information on Eric Goodman and Foundation Training visit his website

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