Be Your Own Healer

be your own healer

May 5th- May 19th

Be your own healer has been an essential catchphrase that I use in my walking program and yoga classes for years. I see myself as a guide that facilitates an individual’s ability to heal themselves.

My personal approach is through movement patterns and standing posture and it has been my experience that if people learn some basic anatomy coupled with making simple changes to the way they move; profound shifts are possible both physically and emotionally.

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No one works in a vacuum and over the years I have come across many practitioners like myself who are endeavoring to help people facilitate positive change and growth in their own lives of themselves and the lives of others.

With that in mind I set out to interview fifteen of the sharpest minds in alternative healing and healthcare asking them what it means to Be Your Own Healer. The results have been fun, exciting and stimulating.

I have personally learned a great deal as I conducted the interviews and I think that you as a listener will find an endless amount of insight and clarity within the Be Your Own Healer telesummit.

And did I mention that this extraordinary experience is available for free? All you have to do is click on the link below to check out the participants and register to enter.

Once you sign up, beginning on May 5th you will receive an email with a link to the interview on each day of the telesummit

The Be Your Own Healer telesummit has been a super fun experience for me and I have learned so much and I hope you might want to join me and my incredible guests and go on this journey with us.

Be Your Own Healer (click to register)

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