Exercise for Inner Thighs and Feet

Hey there, it’s Jonathan from CoreWalking and I’m going to talk about an exercise for inner thighs and feet.

In this video I show an exercise for inner thighs and feet that I actually started using with an elderly patient who had very little mobility and really bad feet.

And when it comes to the body and trying to help people, I think feet are of paramount importance.

And unfortunately, especially if you know from going to hospitals, or being in hospitals with elderly people, feet go south.

So it’s one of the things I focus on a lot.

Dealing with this elderly patient, I think she was like 87 or 86. She didn’t have a lot of mobility. So I started doing this exercise for inner thighs and feet that I show you in this video, and it requires two blocks.

I started doing this exercise with this woman and it was really effective. It was extremely useful. And then one day I used it with someone else and realized that it was a good exercise for anyone who has alignment issues.

A lot of what I’m doing is teaching people to realign their bodies. People with tight hips tend to have their knees go wide. So this is a really simple exercise for inner thighs and feet that keeps things in line.

Two blocks, one block goes between the feet.

Because I am really loose this is not going to activate anything for me personally, but if you are tight like this older person with whom I started the exercise, you better watch out.

The second she tried to put her legs into the block everything went crazy. Her feet started cramping up. The outer calves started activating.

I was, of course, thrilled.

She was freaking out.

It was a pretty intense experience for her because she just wasn’t used to using her body the way the body is designed.

And we are all designed to be able to do this. Though it’s not like I live here all the time.

Again, this is a really simple exercise and I encourage people to do it, especially if it’s hard for you. 

I have a clock here and when I’m teaching yoga, I use the clock all the time. We do things for a minute, for two minutes, for three minutes.

If you do this on your own at home, you start at 30 seconds for some people, but that’ll pass really quickly and you’ll be able to do it a little longer.

I was talking to my sister about this and she could use it. And I know she gets The New Yorker, and  The New Yorker writes seriously long articles.

So, sit in this position and read an entire, New Yorker article.

 I have another client who I know has to read The Wall Street Journal every day.

So, no more sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Sit like this with a block between the thighs block and a block between the feet sitting up straight.”

I don’t use the back of the chair here. I’m sitting up straight.

This is an exercise. And what’s interesting to me, is I created it for someone who couldn’t move, and slowly but surely, I have now been using it with any, and all of my clients.

It serves so many people to just activate and align the body passively, even though your muscles might be freaking out and saying, this is not passive at all.

But it’s super helpful to align the body in a good way and hold that alignment. That’s if you buy into my thinking that it’s good to have parallel feet and knees that track over the ankles in line with the hips.

When we put our body into position and ask it/ force it to hold the alignment; the muscles will start activating for that alignment and then habituating to that alignment.

That is what we want. My CoreWalking Program is all about building a better body.

How do we re-align the body?

How do we rebuild the body?

How do we create muscle balance and the muscle tone that we want? 

So there you go. This is a great exercise for the inner thighs and feet. Enjoy the video and have a great day.

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