Hip Pain When Walking? Untuck Your Pelvis.

If you experience hip pain when walking, it can take many forms. The pain can be in the outer hip,  the buttocks, or in the mysterious area known as the groins. Pain in the outer hip is often associated with the Iliotibial band and the tensor fascia latae muscle. The IT(ilio tibial) band is a long band of connective tissue that attaches at the top of the pelvis, and the top of the outer shin. It is meant to assist with swinging the leg out the side and turn it back in to complete a step… If you are tucking your pelvis under when you walk, the IT band  and tensor fascia latae will be externally rotating with every step.

If you have hip pain when walking that manifests as a pain in the butt it is likely a problem with the piriformis muscle which is again a problem with tucking the pelvis.  A tucked pelvis tightens the butt. A tucked pelvis turns the feet out which, in turn, tightens the piriformis. Nothing good comes from a tucked pelvis.

Moving to the front of the body- if your hip pain when walking originates at the front of the pelvis in the area known as the groin, (There is no muscle called the groin) pain here often manifests as an odd wrapping sensation from the pubic bone towards the lower back. I think that this sensation is a tight psoas pressing on a ligament called the inguinal ligament which causes the pain. When the pelvis is tucked under it forces the legs forward from being directly under the pelvis and decreases the amount of space in the groin. There should always be a crease or a soft pocket in the hips.

Untuck your pelvis and you automatically decrease your hip pain when walking. Untuck your pelvis and discover a host of other benefits as well.


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  1. Hi John. Great website and information. Quick question. I began doing CRP daily about a month ago. Things seem to be much worse now. More stiffness in most of my muscles and now I get very dizzy when walking. I noticed that when I would lay down for CRP my spine would flatten and pelvis would tuck a bit. Wouldn’t it make sense to maybe throw something slim under the pelvis to keep it from tucking while laying in CRP? Seems like most talk about CRP getting rid of a tucked pelvis, but it seems like for me it has tucked it even further… Any advice? Thank you. Kind regards.

  2. Ok so my question is this, how do I untuck my pelvis? I never knew I was tucking my pelvis. Please explain this to me so I can get some relief from this pain. My pain is the outer left hip at the top and radiates down into the butt. It hurts pretty much when I walk. It was hurting a little before, but then I fell in the tub and now it hurts every time I walk.

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