Hip to it: it's unnerving.

Sketchblog:  DayBooks I have to say that I, for one, am glad Thanksgiving is over.  For that I am truly thankful.  I’ve never liked turkey that much anyway and, And stuffing, though tasty, tends to sit in my stomach like cement.  Besides, in my family, the big gatherings were almost always stormy at best, undertaken with anxiety and not a little dread.  (There was the time someone fell into the mashed potatoes on the kitchen floor and the time half the participants ended up on the lawn, not speaking to those who remained in the living room…) My husband and I have a recently-acquired holiday custom: Thanksgiving dinner at an Argentine restaurant Spain.  As well as being very multi-cultural, it’s fun. Now, if we could only come up with something that works as well for Christmas.  (We did try Segovia one year and that worked very well — too expensive though on social security and our small pensions.) But to bring things back to anatomy: I’m also thankful that the vectors that seem to serve to align the hip/SI/spine for movement seem to be syncing just fine, in spite of a lot of stressful traveling — shifting of heavy bags — the usual.  I’m not sure if “vector” is the right way to frame or image the function or process of movement but it works for me.  Vector is magnitude plus direction I gather.  And I’ve always liked the word: sharp, to the point, with some direction of its own. When organics meets physics you get from point A to point B, or that’s the goal, the general idea.  I can follow the path in my mind.  And I can cast my lines on my drawings, letting my thoughts meander, glad that nothing is messing with my sciatic nerve at the moment.  And isn’t life just swell?

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