How Do I Love Eufy?


How do I love Eufy? Let me count the ways…

Eufy is the name of my robot vacuum cleaner made by the company of the same name and little Eufy has changed my life for the better in ways I did not imagine.

Over time I have come to decide that the only point of life is to relax, or live in a relaxed state, and this is the main thing I can offer students and clients.

When I am helping people with pain issues I hope to accomplish a number of objectives. The obvious would be less pain. Another would be better sleep. Another more energy. 

These are all benefits we should feel when we make changes to the way we walk, stand, and exercise.

But there is another benefit I am hoping to stoke in people and that is relaxation; A better sense of ease in the mind and body.

To that end, homeostasis is the search for equilibrium or stability in the body’s nervous system.

The nervous system has many parts but the sympathetic nervous system, which relates to our flight or fight response, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which equates with relaxation, are the parts that matter to me.

The balance of these two systems can, to a large degree, determine our personal states of ease or dysfunction.

My work is based on the idea that many people are stuck in their sympathetic nervous system, and any way out offers the chance for some mental ease.

So what does this have to do with Eufy, my robot vacuum cleaner?

In life, I fall somewhere between a neat freak and a slob. I have been shocked over the years to discover too many similarities to my mother and her clean ways.

But laziness also rules my world and I can look at dust without doing anything about it, even while it hurts me to see it. What a conundrum.

Add two children, two cats, and a dog into the mix with my wife and me, and you have a recipe for a dirt and dust tsunami.

Enter Eufy.

Before Eufy, I had to sweep or vacuum daily and by the end of the day I would need to do it again but never would.

Every time I entered my house I would notice tufts of animal hair under the furniture. Every time the couch moved a rectangle of dust and hair would remain to mark its spot.

Walking barefoot was always textured with a fine layer of dirt.

And each instance was a small, barely perceptible, shock to my nervous system.

Oh my, how life has changed.

There are no more tumbleweeds of hair rolling around the floor.

Walking barefoot is a dream. 

And as a result, I am no longer getting sensory hits of shame and discomfort every time I see a dustball because I no longer see them!

Eufy runs daily for 90 minutes mapping its way around the floor collecting its detritus and it has truly changed my life and I always walk into a dust-free home with a happy and contented mind.

Addendum: Eufy does require some love and attention. If it doesn’t get emptied daily it is fairly useless.  A decent wire game in your house is required, as are relatively clear floors. I am pretty neurotic about not having wires showing and this serves Eufy very well as it will gobble anything in its way. I have had to clear wires, socks, string, and more. But if you take care of Eufy it will take care of you as well.

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