How To Get Good Posture

If someone was to instruct you on how to get good posture they would probably say “stand up straight”. From our perspective, the main problem with that, is for most people the perception of them standing up straight is actually leaning backwards. If you want to practice how to get good posture it can help to look in a mirror to see what you actually do.

  • Untuck your pelvis and release your butt. The big butt muscles (gluteus maximus) should be completely turned off when standing.
  • Let your thigh bones fall backwards under the pelvis. There is a side seam in most pants. That seam should be perpendicular to the floor. The nature of pants can teach you how to get good posture. They are designed with the idea that you are standing correctly. Use the design well.
  • Let the upper body hinge forward as the thighs go back. Think literally of a hinge with the pelvis as the pin.
  • From the front, lower the bottom of the rib cage and the chin slightly allowing the middle rather than the upper back to round and broaden
  • Lift the head slightly from the back of the neck. Gaze straight ahead keeping the eye sockets level.

Now because of our conditioned pattern to be short in the back and long in the front (leaning backwards), standing this way can feel really strange at first. You will feel like you’re sticking your butt way out because you’re used to tucking it under. You’ll feel like you’re rounding your shoulders because you’re used to throwing them back to compensate for the collapsed chest. You won’t recognize how to open up the back of the rib cage or how to soften the front of the rib cage. In short, you’ll feel a bit like an ape…or so clients have told us.  And we think this is the correct approach to take when you want to learn how to get good posture.