Hyperextended, Tucked Under and Leaning Backwards

hyperextended tucked under and leaning backwards

I am the last of my parents three children so I fall into the classic category of having very few pictures of my younger self. At my Mother’s apartment she has three books of pictures- one named Pamela full of pictures of Pamela, one named Peter, full of pictures of Peter, and one named Jonathan full of pictures of Pamela and Peter with one or two of me.

This is your standard issue take on “a picture on a lawn before going somewhere special” ; though sartorially I look a little ragged compared to my siblings. It is a picture of my sister, my brother and me around age five. I think it is pretty easy to see that I am standing exactly as I tell everyone not to stand.

My knees are hyperextended, my pelvis is tucked under and I am leaning backwards. Oh the pain! I stood this way for the first forty years of my life and it took a number of years of conscious thought and action to leave those patterns behind.

And I still catch myself doing all of those things on occasion. Where I used to be hyperextended in the knees 90% of the time I would hazard that I now do it about 10% of the time. I call that big progress.


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