Hyperextension of the Knee

In the short life of this blog I have already written a number of times about how most people go though life tucking their pelvis under all the time whether they know it or not. In fact, many times people don’t even believe me when I point it out. While tucking the pelvis is the biggest issue for me in terms of correcting posture, hyperextension of the knee ranks right up there with it.

The thing of it is that while I think 99% of the world tucks their pelvis, not everyone has a hyperextension of the knee. When we stand the big bone of the upper leg (femur) should sit directly on top of the two bones of the lower leg (tibia and fibula). Hyper extension of the knee happens when the knee joint moves beyond its normal range of motion as in the left side of the picture above.

Our bones hold us up and our muscles move us. That is the way the body is designed to work. This can only happen when the bones are stacked directly on top of one another from the feet all the way up to the head. When the bones fail to stack this way it is often a result of hyperextension of the knee, though our tucked pelvises create the same situation, as do our forward thrusted heads etc, etc, etc.

When the bones are out of alignment the muscles and ligaments of the body are forced to help hold us up and all sorts of things can go wrong.


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