Hyperextension: Truth in Advertising

hyperextension: two batmans

Most of my son’s toys have moveable legs. But the ones that don’t all are made with hyperextended knees.  I try not to interfere too much with my kids childhoods in terms of things like “Stand up straight”, I try to lead by example and hope they pick up good patterns. I have to admit, it’s not working that well.

Both my wife and I are very flexible and our kids have inherited our loose joints. So I couldn’t help myself a couple of weeks ago when I told my son that he walks funny. What he does is not uncommon but a bummer nonetheless. His walking technique is to kick out his lower leg in order to move forward. I have worked with numerous people who do this and while not hard to change in an adult, good luck with children.

He promptly reported to my wife what I told him, demonstrating perfectly. The next day he came into my office while I was working and said “Look Daddy, Batman hyperextends his knees.”  And he was right. We went looking through a bunch of toys finding the other batman in the picture and a few others.

Is there any meaning to be gleaned from this interesting if not sill observation? Probably not, but I think a majority of people live in hyperextension and need to stop if they want to avoid back pain and age gracefully. These toys just show how prevalent the pattern is in our society.


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