I Love Rock n Roll: Bad Posture Edition


Sundays are the day usually reserved for me to indulge in rock and roll worship but I have some context for writing this morning. The Vaccines played at the Bowery Ballroom on Monday night and the pictures above are the people in front of us as we waited for the concert to begin. It was hard to get a picture that reflected exactly what I was able to see and I was amazed that no one complained as I set the flash off repeatedly but I hope you get the idea.

The two on the left have no butts, are tucked under and the blue jean dude is gripping his glutes for dear life. The woman in red looks pretty good in the pelvis but is compressing her lower spine as she leans backwards.

My wife came to the show which was a special treat and the band was just great. I always feel like a little kid at forty nine but never more so than when I am seeing young bands from London doing their thing. But it must be annoying for her to hear me pointing out bad posture over and over again.

But I can’t help it. My eye never strays far from hyperextended knees and compressed lower backs. Sporting events are a particularly good opportunity for posture watching. There is nothing like 20,000 people standing for the national anthem to see what their posture is like. You get to see entire families mirroring each other’s bad posture.

Almost everyone stands poorly. Young, old, big, small— it doesn’t seem to matter much. Everyone leans backwards and tucks their pelvis.

And everyone needs to stop… or not, but getting old will go much better with good posture.

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