Are You Ready To Heal & Renew In Mexico This Winter?

I loved every part of the program especially the “new you” posture for walking and sitting, which I found transformative and potentially life changing. I can’t think of anything I would change.

Beth Emory

I spent a wonderful week in Italy with Jonathan. I hadn’t done yoga in over 20 years. He told me to work at my own pace and was very patient and encouraged me through all the sessions. He is a great teacher and everyone can benefit from his insights.

Rhonda Ray

Jonathan did a great job, good sense of humor, down to earth, sending me home as a new person. We worked hard, he pushed me out of my comfort zone... and it felt great.

Mindy Jacobs

Highlights from Italy...

Photography by Two Cats In The Yard

...It's not often you encounter someone who has the ability to mentally engage you for hours and days at a time. Jonathan strikes a perfect balance in his teaching style, combining a passion for his subject and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the human body. Practicing yoga with Jonathan made me feel the best I've felt in a long long time. If I hold on to a tenth of what I learned in a week in Italy I'll be better off for life.

Mary Wycherley

Jonathan FitzGordon turned my yoga life around. Jonathan was instrumental in guiding me through an understanding of my injuries and giving me the vocabulary of movement and an experiential understanding of my body's anatomy and its tendencies. Through Jonathan's classes, I've been able to heal my injuries and change my pattern of movement so I don't keep re-injuring myself.

Rhonda Keyser

With his creative, articulate voice and vision, Jonathan helped me refine the way I hold my body in the most daily environments to relieve years of low-grade chronic pain. His work with posture re-patterning is both utterly revolutionary and logically accessible. For teachers and healers, Jonathan's work will shift how you see, how you stand, and how you speak in your own work and teaching.

Elena Brower

In two retreats this summer people came together in an amazing way, bonding, learning and healing. I was humbled and thrilled by everyone's  energy and the support and warmth that manifested within group.

I have to admit, I enjoyed both of them more than I thought I would and I want to do it again.

If you have studied with me or wanted to study with me, here is an opportunity to join me at a small intimate gathering where you can get a full week of yoga, sun and personal attention from me.

There are only 12 spots available for this retreat so don't miss out.

The first four people to sign up will get early access pricing and will save up to $400!

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