Improving Posture: The Seam Of Your Pants

improving posture     improving posture

Improving posture and changing the way you walk isn’t that hard if you have some simple images to work with. Changing habits is little more than repetition.

Perform a different pattern often enough and it becomes habit. When developing our initial movement patterns as babies there is not a great distinction made between good patterns and bad patterns—we simply imitate what is before us— and as a result many of us develop bad habits.

Our patterns and habits often change in the course of life due to many different factors(injury, illness, work), but not often for the better.

Improving posture is really nothing more than incorporating and fostering some new complimentary patterns that will become healthy habits.

Here is an easy tip for Improving Posture:

Clothing is designed to fit and hang in a certain fashion. If your pants or shirt has a side seam the odds are that it was meant to hang perpendicular to the floor. When it comes to improving posture it doesn’t much simpler than this— if the seam of your pants is at a right angle to the floor your posture has likely improved.

Look at the way you stand from the side and the odds are that the seams of your pants veer up and forward from the ankle to the pelvis .I particularly love the picture on the left. Hyperextended knee and thighs thrust forward. The measuring tape tells the story.

Get your thighs back and line up the seam of your pants perpendicular to the floor and you can be on your way towards improving your posture.


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