Inner Foot To Opposite Shoulder

inner footEvery step well taken is a spinal twist as both sides of the body move in opposition to each other. When the right foot goes forward the left arm goes forward and this opposition creates a gentle twist that is unbelievably healthy and necessary.

This twist facilitates so much good energy in the body that I must say—many people are lacking. One of the essential benefits that this easy spinal twist should provide is digestive. Intestines that are rocked and rolled with each step are going to have a better chance and moving food through the system with the process known as peristalsis.

When I teach my walking program change happens incrementally. I think most people walk with their legs first which does all sorts of bad things to the body but most specifically forces people to walk more on the outsides of their feet.

So my first order of business is to get the legs more properly situated under the hips. If we can get there to begin walking, finding our way to the inner foot is much easier and more likely. Once we are using the inner foot more regularly and successfully, all manner of good things can start to happen.
In the best of all possible steps the entire weight of the body pushes off from the mound of the big toe with each footfall. This propels us forward in a powerful way.

The connection of the inner foot translates to the inner thigh which fires when the step rolls properly from the outer foot across to the inner foot.

The walking program doesn’t move to the upper body for the first few lessons. It is more than enough work trying to get the legs under the pelvis and the body to move genuinely forward in space. But once we do move up the shoulders play an essential role in helping us find the inner foot.

Good walking sees the opposite arm and leg moving together at the same length and pace. When then happens the slight twist in the upper body that takes the right shoulder (let’s say) forward will make it easier to move into the left inner foot.

Only good things can happen once this pattern is established.


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