An Interview with Eric Goodman

Eric-GoodmanBe Your Own Healer is a series of interviews I recorded last year with a group of healers and alternative health care practitioners.

The collected interviews offer insights and suggestions on wellness from each of these varied personalities.

They share their approach to their own work as well as how they work to take care of themselves.

We will be putting up one of these interviews each week for the next few months.

This week we will listen to Eric Goodman, the creator of Foundation Training. I am a big fan of foundation training and incorporate a number of the positions into my yoga classes.

Eric has combined his experience as a strength coach, personal trainer and Chiropractor to create a simple strengthening program that facilitates the body’s natural healing ability and quickly improves degenerative movement patterns.

I enjoyed talking with Eric and I think you will find him to have great information and an easy way of getting his point across.

To listen to the interview, click the link below:


Interview with Eric Goodman


Here is the list of other interviewees:

Jacoby Ballard, Katy Bowman, Elena Brower, Michaelle Edwards, Eden Fromberg, , Kate Hanley, Lora Krulak, Joanna Lindenbaum, Jill Miller, Lucas Rockwood, Vanessa Scotto, Aimee Gould Shunney, Kate Stillman and Brooke Thomas.

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