Interview With Michaelle Edwards

michaelle edwardsBe Your Own Healer is a series of interviews I recorded last year with a group of healers and alternative health care practitioners.

The collected interviews offer insights and suggestions on wellness from each of these varied personalities.

They share their approach to their own work as well as how they work to take care of themselves.

We will be putting up one of these interviews each week for the next few months.

This week we will listen to Michaelle Edwards,

Michaelle Edwards is the creator of YogAlign which incorporates self-guided bodywork fused with natural alignment poses to rewire posture habits from the inside out. Michaelle is also a body worker, musician and posture educator who lives in Kauai.

I met Michaelle when we had a spirited back and forth in response to both an article she wrote on the Huffington Post and a column in the New York Times by William Broad. We respectfully agreed to disagree on a number of points and Michaelle was gracious enough to accept my invitation to be interviewed for this series.

To listen to the interview, click the link below:


Interview With Michaelle Edwards


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