I’ve Been Getting My Bearings

Looking for a footing. The bones find it first. 19 March, 2013.

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Looking for a footing. The bones find it first.

It’s been a bit of a struggle to face the blank page lately and then again the just-begun page, and then again the well-underway page. Sometimes it’s simply scary to make art. Right now the fear might have something to do with the winter lack-of-light I suppose. And our tax appointment. And those annual physicals. Busy time of year.

So I decided to return to grounding. To the feet. To gravity. There’s something so satisfying about interacting with the earth’s gravitational pull, letting yourself find the midline. This is challenging for me. As somebody once told me once in yoga class, I’m not really grounded. It’s true. All my natural energy scatters and I can scatter myself trying to follow it.

So simply standing on my feet, with deliberation, can be pretty profound: feeling the bones of my feet forming an organization under my weight.

I often try to get something like that sensation, or at least that image, in my brain. More abstract. More intention than manifestation. Feet, hands, head: it seems so basic. I’m going to stay with the trio for a while: facing the blank page from the major points of body access and information makes sense as spring begins and the light strikes a little earlier every morning.

It’s settled: for the present I’m sticking with gravity. Coming to a stand, and then one foot in front of the other. Coming to a stand, and then doing it upside down: handstand. Thats the way to get configured.

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