Joint Account: Transferral

Joint account: transferral. 26 January, 2013.

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I’ve certainly seen Jonathan post enough times about one injury leading to another and that’s the general issue I was thinking about when I made this drawing.  Shoulder and hip joints are weirdly similar visually and, true enough, they both have to allow range of motion in a context of stability.  The weight supported by the hip joint makes quite a difference.  When I make art I like to think of gravitational force inhabiting the negative areas.  It’s a little like thinking about gravity when you’re on your yoga mat or even staying upright as you go down a staircase (the naturally clumsy, like me, will know how fragile “upright” can be).

I’ve been rehabbing this same shoulder injury for 6 months (more!) and I know that the unequal distribution of weight (from the injury) through my shoulders can throw off my sacrum.  The body will look for equilibrium — unequal joints and all.  I have to pause, especially when sitting, and even everything out: both feet on floor, weight equal on the sit bones, shoulder blades on the back, relaxed.  It’s a little mantra: “even, and relax”.

I saw Jonathan’s Chinese exercise ball video yesterday and immediately ordered a pair.  And then, just as immediately, wished I had ordered two sets.  To be even.

(I just sold two of my anatomy drawings to an orthopedist in Belgium.  I found that hugely entertaining — and I can always use the money.  Four of my knees have flown across the Atlantic — two of them drawings.)

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