Jumping High Is Not An Option For Me

vertical leap

Jumping high is simply not an option for me. I am earth-bound. I have never been particularly fast either and have never understood why. Lately I have been wondering about two things— if my muscles aren’t tight enough for spring and my lack of gluteus maximus tone keeps me down. I ‘m not positive but I am curious about it.

Most of the athletes I work with are tend to be fairly tight in their hips and hamstrings. And I often find that the tighter they are the faster they are and the higher they jump. With the exception of the gluteus maximus muscle I should have what it takes for jumping high. The instructions are usually to strengthen the abdominal muscles and quadriceps, stretch the hamstrings, and work the dorsiflexors of the feet. I have all of that already and go nowhere.

But I have no tone in my gluteus maximus and that is what I have been working on lately. My latest body project has been the opposite of jumping. I want to learn to do pistol squats (another post) which are as difficult for me as jumping high. The exercise in the picture below is the main exercise I have been working for my glutes, mixing a set of ten into my yoga practice. It is a basic tracking exercise but when I started my knee would collapse in and the leg lifted behind me would swing in the direction of the standing leg.


I am sad to say that while the above exercise has improved my vertical leap and pistol squats have not as of yet changed much. But I will keep working on it.


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