Knees Front. It’s a Fibular Thing

Sketchblog: DayBooks

My anatomy drawings are almost always based on or inspired by an injury (my own or someone elses). The drawings function like a fetish, the path to a cure, a means of marshalling attention.  I began this one after my friend Art told me about his partial knee replacement and his wonderfully successful recovery and rehab.  He experienced none of the bad ramifications of knee replacement I’ve heard about, like not being able to kneel and other general difficulties with mobility.

The miracle knee started a muse on own knee injuries and my whacked out fibula. The top fibular connection  continued to whack out more and more after an initial injury brought on by a stumble on the uneven pavement of Buenos Aires.  Like most things in life it got much better over time, after alarming every medical professional who looked at the mess it had become.  I shrank back to my own resources after I was sent to a kindly oncologist who thought his services would not prove necessary (good news I thought).  Self rehab is sometimes, but not always, the best medicine.  Knowing when your private knee should become public is a tricky business.

I’m glad Art put his knee in custody.  I’m glad I took mine back home. Here is a trio of knees for you.

Is the Psoas Major a Hip Flexor?