Find yourself during a week long intensive on health and healing.

Explore your body and movement patterns in search of self healing. Learn Jonathan's unique approach to walking, hiking and yoga and discover the profound benefits available when you make simple changes to the way you move and exercise.

 Everyone on the retreat will get a great deal of individual attention and you will come away with a long term plan for healing pain and aging gracefully.

Enjoy two movement classes each day

Yoga/Exercise in the morning

Movement/Therapeutics in the afternoon

This retreat is suitable for all levels

Jonathan uses walking, standing and anatomy to teach optimal posture and movement.  His teaching style is fun and filled with humor!We'll be doing a combination of walking, yoga, meditation,  release work, therapeutics, anatomy and much more.

Sonya Lake

I have been in chronic back pain for 10 years! I am very active, yoga teacher, always weight trained. But in the past 3 years I have been not been able to do the things I live to do or at least not at the same capacity. I have been following your CoreWalking plan now for about 3 weeks and already I notice so much change in my body and my pain level has decreased and has changed in duration etc. I am only expecting it to get better... Just wanted to say thanks!

Nicola Slade

Hello, my name is Nicola. I wanted to say how very pleased I am with CoreWalking. Before I started it, I could hardly walk, my legs were so stiff and sore. And now I can keep up with my daughters and my grandchildren with ease. I am so grateful to Jonathan and will continue practicing his wonderful method.

Trent Aaron

I was at the end of my rope. Daily pain from a tight psoas and piriformis which gave me sciatica and numbness. I searched and spent thousands of dollars until I stumbled across CoreWalking, and although I have a degree for posture therapy, I didn’t really understand my body. Thanks to Jonathan I learned and healed myself! I know that so many people have been and can be helped through this revolutionary system!

Beyond grateful to indebted!

A CoreWalking Week At Kripalu

Fall 2020 (Dates to be Determined)